At all times, Manufacturers and Dealers Culinary Copper Cookware have sought to be recognized by their partners and future business partners. When I say recognized, it means as very important in the field of cooking.

Already in the early 1800s was the case.
In invoice documents, catalogs, advertisements often put forward, who were sold (hotels, restaurants, governments ...) and where we sent (local, regional, national, international).

The year of establishment of the company was as a guarantee of quality and confidence.
Many companies have benefited from the creation date of a company that had bought. As the date was old, it was better!

The aim was primarily to develop a professional clientele restaurants, hotels, administration,
department, etc.

We must emphasize that the proposed equipment was often of very high quality!

In the 1800s had developed a local and regional sales. But for the most ambitious sales was also nationally and internationally.

The recognition was a major issue!

They are not likely to have withstood time!

These include the house as E. DEHILLERIN store retailer (manufacturer and sometimes one period) and MAUVIEL as manufacturer (there are others but these two examples perfectly reflect the success, recognition, expertise happened to this day!).

INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS has not been a priority until the end of the 60s and beginning the 70s. This applies particularly for major brands.

If today you can find this type of material, we must admit it's largely thanks to the Internet. The web revolution has enabled manufacturers and retailers to offer the new professional equipment to  individuals.

But we must admit that we often find the same products.
We must also admit that the professional equipment of yesteryear was fantastic. The quality of copper, thickness, dimensions, various proposed pots and so many other details do not exist today.

Especially as regards the thickness!

Again thanks to the Internet that individuals can find their happiness in old pots used. Those reserved for professionals.

I had so many brands, so many qualities, so many wonderful surprises in the hands that I can safely say that the ancient culinary copper will never again their equal.

I do not denigrate the new manufacturing because there also has fantastic products. Manufacturers passionate about their work (FALK Belgium is fantastic! But also MAUVIEL and some others here that you will discover over time).

But my heart beats faster for products that have a history, a past. Those we saw the hand of the craftsman boilermaker. Those found in a former restaurant. Those that look like good pots to the  trash. Full of spots, oxidation. Those who slept in a closet for years, sometimes decades. Those that will revive with a brand new tinning. Those that will clean, polish. They retain traces, scratches and some small flaws that make them even more beautiful! But they will cross the world to serve again someone who will take care!

Information about manufacturers and resellers are hard to find. Why? Quite simply, I repeat, because the world of culinary copper remained very long locked in a strictly professional.

Today you have the chance to obtain copper pots of high quality on the Internet. I know individuals who are better equipped than many restaurants! Better equipped and especially with better equipment!

Many seek culinary stamped copper. The question made me smile often. But I understand that a cook who is 5000kms will seek the security of a purchase rather than stamped unnamed pot.

I would like you to know a very important things! If we put aside the collection (someone who wants pots only of one same brand, for example), if we put aside the aesthetic issue (someone who wants to decorate his kitchen for example) and if we keep only listed purely for cooking:

ALL COPPER POTS over 2.5mm thick are GREAT POTS! Stamped or not. From this thickness they necessarily manufactured by great professionals, often known but do not necessarily stamped all their COPPER PANS (valid for ALL manufacturers). Regardless of whether small rivets, big rivets, copper or stainless steel. Whether the handles are cast iron or bronze (although very nice bronze heated very strong! Be careful with your hands!).

In first time THICKNESS is MORE Important than other specifications AND in second time the QUALITY of INTERNAL COATING (tinned, stainless steel, silver).

"There are those who buy their shoes to show the other and there are those who buy their shoes to walk at ease"

Everyone has the right to do what he wants, personally I walk at ease!

If you are looking pots for cooking and one day you have in front of you a GAILLARD 2mm thick pot and a pot unnamed 3.5mm thick. If you look in your pocket and if you find the money to buy only one, please, take the pan unnamed!

I'm reliving so many copper pots that were destined to oblivion. It is a great satisfaction for me to know that family, friends, co-workers gathered around a table. USA, via Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many others. Whether they share a delicious meal made with love. A cooked meal in one of those pots that I discovered by chance my research. The world is big! When I sleep, some eat, when I eat some sleep. No matter the day, no matter what time, no matter where. Just one thing is important, it is that we share with others. And here we share the love of culinary Copper Pans and Pots!

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For now we'll talk about the French Copper Pans, Belgian, Swiss. There is a lot of work in this area. We
hope in the future to introduce the history of the English coppers, American, Australian, Portuguese, Italian, German and all other magnificent  manufacturers around the world!

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