The history of the great manufacturers of culinary copper pots does not exist, or very little. Like many people, I was curious to know more. And years and years ago, I never imagined the road would be so long to collect everything I wanted to know.
Because in this type of research, a little find can send you to a big find. And all of this takes a tremendous amount of time!
So many questions and so many answers to find!
Answers that we would like to find ready-made but they are not found in any book, any website.


Who was Jules GAILLARD?
Where does he come from, what is the origin of his family?
Can we make a link between GAILLARDs from the peasant world and GAILLARDs who have become industrialists?
Was it Jules GAILLARD who created the company, its ancestors?
Was GAILLARD really founded in 1795?
Was Jules Gaillard a Parisian?
Are J and E GAILLARD brothers, cousins?
How long have they worked together?
What were the products sold by GAILLARD?
Are all GAILLARD products manufactured by GAILLARD Paris?
Why has GAILLARD moved to rue du Faubourg St Denis?
And so many other questions!
Did you know that GAILLARD boilermakers have long been considered "unskilled"?
Did you know that the first GAILLARD boilermakers had a formal ban on selling new products in Paris?
Do you know what impact the French revolution had for GAILLARD boilermakers?
How did the DEHILLERIN house start?
How has DEHILLERIN held up over time?
How did Eugène DEHILLERIN open his first business?
How did Augustine DEHILLERIN continue the business after the death of her husband?
Who was Eugène DEHILLERIN?
Who was his wife?
Where did they come from?
Are they originally from Paris?


Was JACQUOTOT present in the 1800s?
Who was he ?
Where did he come from?
How did he get started?


And MAUVIEL, LEGRY, H. POMMIER, PETER BRUX, ect ... are not absent from my research!
1000 other questions and as many answers are to be discovered through my pages.


To all Copper Lovers, T. J.


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