Here is a first presentation of the history of the manufacturer of culinary copper pots PETER BRUX.
I will prepare a more beautiful presentation in the future which will contain the images and photos that go with it.


Peter Juul was born on November 04, 1908 in Brussels in Belgium.

He married in 1935 at the age of 27. It is in this year 1935 that I find his trace for the first time.

He is an industrialist.
He was then a manufacturer of kitchen machines and equipment at 106 rue de l'Intendant in Brussels. Intendant's street is in the north of Brussels
In 1936 he was still in the same street but in 1937 he moved his company to 6 rue de Barchon, still in Brussels. This street is not very far from the intendant's street. He stayed on this tiny street until 1938.
In 1939 he moved again to go more towards the south of Brussels in the rue de la querelle while still exercising the same activity.
Then comes the second world war and I do not find traces of its activities during this period.
1942 sees the birth of his daughter who seems to be his only child.
In 1946 we find him at 20 rue de la Fontaine, not far from the rue de la rue de la querelle.
He set up his workshop there and continued trading and manufacturing kitchen equipment.
All the streets in which he set up his activities do not seem to be large avenues or shopping streets as can be found for Gaillard, Dehillerin and other Parisian manufacturers and stores.

We find traces of its activities throughout the years that follow.

In 1975, Juul Peter was 67 years old and it is certainly the age of well-deserved retirement.
His daughter and stepson became the statutory managers of the company certainly during this period.
But it seems that it was a parent of her daughter's husband who exercised the function of manager (although he was not statutory) from 1975.

In 1978 Juul Peter lost his wife. He died in turn on November 01, 1981 in Enghein Belgium where he lived.

In 1991, management was formalized in the name of the parent who was not statutory. Thus the daughter of Juul Peter and her husband are no longer managers of the company.

The company is still active in 2001.
In 2002, unfortunately the company is in deficit and it seems that it is the last year of activity of the Peter Juul house.

As with every manufacturer, there are still unanswered questions that can always be part of a future update ...


The questions :

- Was Peter Juul a descendant of another manufacturer or did he start his own activities?
- In the last years, 80 and 90, were the activities still in the field of cooking? I think so but keeping a doubt about the copper pots.
- Until when did the workshops produce the copper pans? I imagine until the 70s but this question remains to be developed.
- Have they marketed pans from other manufacturers in the past few years? For the past few years, I don't know if they still sold copper pots. But they had a period which must certainly be between the end of the 70s and I think during the 80s where they continued to supply copper pots of French manufacture (probably Mauviel).


My personal opinion on PETER BRUX. products that I had in my hands:

He is one of the best manufacturers for me. The equipment is always very high end. Good quality, robust and very professional. I have never received pans that would tell me that the company has slipped into the low end (as is the case for some). From the manufacture of classic saucepans to very large models of pots and roasting plates for castles, PETER BRUX. are always impressive!
It is always a great pleasure to work on a PETER BRUX pot.