On this page I show you some tinning work on different pots.
With time, I changed my methods but always in a spirit of ecology (if we can say that way).
Always using the minimum of all that is necessary to the execution of this work.

"Tinning a superb copper oven dish of the GAILLARD brand.

2.8-3.2mm thick.
Very rare in this thickness."

"Here tinning of a big copper saucepan of 3.5mm thick.
French manufacturing of very high quality!"

"Tinning of a superb splayed copper sauté pan of the brand DEHILLERIN PARIS.
3mm thick."

"Tinning of a large rondeau of 3mm thick and 40cm diameter brand MAUVIEL."

"Rare 4.2-4.5mm thickness !!!!
Tinning of this splayed copper sauté pan from GAILLARD PARIS.
A real pleasure to do!"

"Here tinning a copper sauté pan of 3.5mm thick from MAUVIEL."

"Tinning and complete work on 5 copper sauté pans of the house GAILLARD PARIS."