Accessories for making bread with the T.J.'s Method :
01 - A cooking thermometer
02 - A dough cutter or spatula
03 - A pastry syringe
04 - A bowl
05 - A small sieve
06 - Heat resistant gloves
07 - A bucket with an airtight lid
08 - Small container for water
09 - A solid tablespoon
10 - A towel
11 - A long spatula
12 - Baking paper
13 - A Zip bag
14 - A knife or blade
15 - A kitchen scale
16 - A plate (homemade cardboard + aluminum)
17 - A bread knife


01 - A cooking thermometer:
Mandatory to measure the water temperature.
02 - A dough cutter or a spatula:
Mandatory to remove the dough from the worktop and to perform the "GRID".
03 - A pastry syringe:
Mandatory to mix the water with the dry ingredients and to carry out the steam boost.
04 - A bowl:
To place the small sieve that will be used to flour.
05 - A small sieve:
To flour the dough if necessary and to flour the parchment paper.
06 - Anti-heat gloves:
Mandatory to avoid getting burned.
07 - A bucket with an airtight lid:
Mandatory to rest the dough.
08 - Small container for water:
Mandatory to be able to take the water with the syringe. For mixing with dry ingredients and for steam.
09 - A solid tablespoon:
For the pre-mixing of the dry ingredients, to adjust the right amount of flour on the scale and to knead the dough during kneading without a robot.
10 - A towel:
To cover the dough after shaping.
11 - A long spatula:
To remove the dough from the bucket all at once.
12 - Baking paper:
To facilitate placing in the oven.
13 - A Zip bag:
For mixing dry ingredients when the dough is made by hand.
14 - A knife or a blade:
To make the cuts in the dough.
15 - A kitchen scale:
Mandatory for weighing dry ingredients and water.
16 - A plate (homemade cardboard + aluminum):
To facilitate placing in the oven.
17 - A bread knife:
Mandatory to cut the bread correctly.