Thickness of Copper Pots.


February 05, 2017

The types of manufacture of 1-2-3 copper pots exist in the 19th and 20th centuries.
The type of manufacture of copper pots 4 came later. I would say, certainly after 1950. The pots of this manufacture are innumerable. Including very thick premium copper pots.
One cannot deceive nature, the density of pure copper does not change.
So, for example, a copper saucepan of 20.5cm/8" in diameter and 11cm/4.3" in height which is given with 3mm of thickness, should weigh exactly 2777grs/6.12Lbs.
And indeed, a saucepan of these dimensions with a thickness of 3mm at the top rim very often weighs between 2700 and 2800grs.
And this is where nature takes over!
Where did the weight of the handle go?
The weight of a handle for this copper saucepan weighs at least 350grs/0.77Lbs and can go up to 600grs/1.3Lbs and sometimes more.


Once again, the eyes look but they do not see, it is a commercial technique as old as the world ...

I have prepared an Excell table which allows to calculate the average thickness of a copper pot according to its dimensions and weight (straight copper saucepan, flared, oval copper casserole, square or rectangular copper dishes but for the moment I do not know how to put online.

Soon: comparison of 2 very different handles of 2 saucepans of 20cm in diameter and 3mm thick ...

Pot 1: regular surfaces on all walls
Pot 2: regular sides surfaces with thick bottom.
Pot 3: thick bottom and thick walls at the base which become thinner towards the top.
Pot 4: significant thickness at the edges at the top and then the lower you go the less it is thick!