"In the history of culinary copper there is still to discover, always surprises, always beautiful things. Fortunately! It is thanks to that we know that the journey is not over! To all Copper Lovers, T. J."

Soon you will discover the history of the E. DEHILLERIN house in PARIS.

Among all the stories that can be discovered in the world of copperware, that of the house DEHILLERIN is the most beautiful, the most exciting, the most touching.

It's not just a story of copper pots. The history of the house DEHILLERIN takes us well beyond. By their ancestors who were nobles, we could go back very far. To start, we could talk about the history of Europe, English, French. Wars, conflicts, kings of the years 1400-1500. How was France divided at that time? We could then talk about the a nobility lost and then regained and this unrelated to the French revolution. We could talk about how the French lived at a time when the rich rented land from the poor to cultivate and share the profits. We could talk about what led to the French Revolution. What was the way to eat French before and after the revolution? What is the difference between copper pots before and after the French Revolution? We could again talk about the loss of titles of nobility.
We could talk about all this and many other things by following the path of the ancestors of Mr. EUGENE DEHILLERIN until the French Revolution.

Then comes the time of his grandfather, his father and finally himself. In this part of history there is no longer any question of wealth and nobility. It is about workers, brave, intelligent and visionary. It's about how EUGENE DEHILLERIN created his house in Paris. How did he start, with whom, where? How he succeeded in front of so many others who failed.
Then comes the time of his disappearance, unfortunately. The time when his wife takes the business in hand. How she pursues as well as her husband in this business deemed male. Then comes the time of his son and even more progress. Then comes the first world war, then the second, with its sadness. And so many things since the house DEHILLERIN is still there. Always kept by a direct descendant of Mr. EUGENE DEHILLERIN.
In short, it will take long pages for me to tell you this fantastic story in details!