June 24, 2021


I take advantage of an announcement made today to show you, once again, that the stamps do not necessarily have to be taken as signs of separate periods.
Here we have a DEHILLERIN sauté pan which carries one type of stamping and a cover which carries two others.
Or 3 different stamps.
















Obviously, they look alike but they still constitute 3 differences for a whole which seems perfectly homogeneous and of the same period.

This shows, as I have often explained, that these 3 stampings were most certainly made in the same period but not in the same place.

When I say: not in the same place, it can mean not in the same workshop, or not in the same city or not in the same region. One can very well imagine that the copper pot were made in Villedieu and the copper lids in Paris.

In any case, this example shows one thing: several different stamps for the same period. This proves, for example, that a stamping available in a Parisian workshop may be different from a stamping located in another workshop.
We can very well use a stamp and then for one reason or another (increase in production, opening of a new workshop, increase in orders ...), have to order another. We can very well add the word "PARIS" to the new stamping and continue to use both simultaneously.
And then, we may very well need to order a third and add "E" next to DEHILLERIN and continue to use the 3 stamps at the same time.
In this example, we should not ask ourselves the question of “When?”, Because the only explanation lies in the word “Where?”.
I have the link to this seller’s ad available to you. If you wish, don't hesitate to ask (as it will still be available).


To all Copper Lovers !
Regards, T.J.