THE KNEADING (video below).

For kneading, I used speed 2 of my old robot.
From the 48GV bread I use a new robot that spins faster. So I mix and knead now almost only with speed 1.
The kneading should last 10 minutes.

Don't be in a hurry. We can tend to want to be quick by increasing the speed, this is not a good idea!
Always knead slowly.
Depending on the recipes and the flours, after kneading, you can get hard, soft, dry, sticky doughs, etc.
Do not try to obtain a precise dough by adding flour or water.
Leave it as it is and then put it to rest for lifting.

For the hand kneading method (which I personally do with a tablespoon), I do it at the same time as mixing the water with the dry ingredients.

See video : HERE