END OF DOUGH LIFTING (video below).

I sometimes make express breads that do not require rest in a bucket. After kneading, I shape the dough and after about 25 minutes of preheating, I bake the bread.
Express breads are not the best breads. They are made very quickly and do not have time to develop their real aromas.
However, it is very convenient when you need bread quickly.
It takes about 1h30 to make an express bread (from the exit of the ingredients and material until the end of baking).
It generally gives rather soft breads at the crust level. The crumb is not honeycombed but can be very soft. It is best to make express breads in the robot. Hand kneading would not give the same results and would take much longer.

For breads with rest in a bucket, so no express, the end of the leavening is done according to your time and your tastes.
The ideal is to do a "GRID" followed by a 1 hour rest and then repeat a "GRID". And then let it rest again in a bucket for at least 1 hour (but we can very well leave it for 2h, 3h, 4h, 12h ...).
This second rest is important because it will depend on your tastes.
The more you let the dough rest:
- The more the aromas will develop as well as the alveoli.
- The yeast smell will also be stronger during cooking but will not necessarily be found in the taste of the bread.
- The dough will be softer and more sticky. The shaping must be done faster because the more you touch the dough, the more it will stick.


In any case, you should hear a degassing taking place when you open the lid. It is not uncommon to see that the cover is curved before opening. This is due to the pressure of the fermentation gases.
If you cannot hear the degassing, check that your bucket is airtight. It is also possible that you have closed it incorrectly.


When you open the lid, you see that the dough begins to degas before you even touch it.

To remove it from the bucket, use a long spatula. This allows you to take out the dough in one go and place it directly on the work surface for shaping.