November 25, 2014.

Many of you are wondering how it is possible to cook with huge copper pans that today you might think they were for decoration.

In reality, they were copper pans made for cooking.

In the past, for example in factories, there were many, really many workers. Now, with new technologies, machines can replace 100, 1000 workers and more!


Whether in factories, high schools, hospitals, administrations, very large restaurants, it is difficult to imagine today the number of workers who could compose these structures.

If today you were told that it took several hundred workers to run a single store in Paris, you would have a hard time believing it!


Yet it was!

There were a lot of trades in these stores, which can not be found today. For example, seamstresses in the clothing department. Boilermakers in basements. Packers preparing shipments. Local, national and international delivery services. All the material was in the same shop. Today we receive our packages in our mailboxes or via a carrier. The material is well packaged from the start (think of microwaves, televisions, etc ...). But at that time, it was necessary to provide bathtubs, stoves and many other things very heavy and cumbersome. It was necessary to make a huge wooden crate to protect the material and send it without damage!

In the same Parisian store there was everything! Absolutely everything ! It's like taking today a lighting shop, another specialized in heating, food, sports, everything you want and we turn it into a single store!


Cooking equipment and ovens, electric or gas ranges have evolved. Refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms and other equipment require less handling. Microwave, induction. Conservation is better managed today. Many foods are presented already cut, frozen and ready to cook. When it's not frozen, full dishes are offered! Formerly, it was necessary to peel, cut, etc. Imagine the work for the meat!

You now better understand the utility of the large kitchens and huge copper pots of this era to feed so many employees!

These huge copper pots tell the story of an impressive past. A know-how disappeared and unique.
Of course it was difficult to handle pots as big, especially filled!

And so it often took 2 to manipulate them!

Today, it would be difficult to use such pots to cook! But that does not prevent some from doing it with a little imagination! On a grill, in the chimney, using several fires on the gas or electric ranges ...


To all lovers of copper, T.J.

"Discover in this video some big copper pots (stock pots and saucepans) of PETER BRUX."