"In the history of culinary copper there is still to discover, always surprises, always beautiful things. Fortunately! It is thanks to that we know that the journey is not over! To all Copper Lovers, T. J."

Soon you will discover here the history of the J. JACQUOTOT house in PARIS.
It is certainly the most mysterious story and the most difficult to discover.
I am used to looking for all kinds of information, in a multitude of ways through the internet, books, documents, archives, genealogy, etc ...
It seems that the JACQUOTOT house is not so old as we think. Very far from a story like that of DEHILLERIN or GAILLARD.
As if J. JACQUOTOT had fallen from the sky one day in the early 1900s! Without anyone knowing where he came from or what he was doing before!
So much so that I wondered if his name would have been created at the same time as his cookware house!
As if he was someone else before. Would we face a story like that of Victor HUGO's miserables (Jean Valjean as Monsieur Madeleine) ????
But I assure you, there will still be things to tell ...
The reputation of JACQUOTOT's cookware is far ahead of many other brands that were there before him! But also after!
The period of manufacture of his pots is not so great. And yet he left a trace in the world of copperware that all lovers of copper pots recognize!