THE "GRID" (video below).

Still with this concern for lack of not having the same advantages as a real baker, I told myself that my dough needed to be aerated.
I have long researched how I could get oxygen into my dough and how I could refine my kneading (especially for hand kneading).
After many trials and tests of different more or less interesting techniques, I finally discovered what was best for my method.
I called this technique the "GRID".
From the 46GV bread, I systematically make a grid for my dough immediately after kneading. And then, after 1 hour of rest I make a second grid to then let the dough rest for another 1 hour minimum (this second rest can last 2h, 3h, 4h ....).

With this idea, I solved my two problems:
Air the dough and refine my kneading.
The technique is very simple. It is enough to make notches horizontally then vertically ("GRID") in the dough which is placed on the work surface.
We do this using a pastry cutter (or any sufficiently large spatula).
When we make these cuts, the dough opens.
Then, just fold the dough on itself and the oxygen remains trapped inside.
By repeating this action between 3 and 5 minutes, we obtain a more swelling dough which works much better.