"In the history of culinary copper there is still to discover, always surprises, always beautiful things. Fortunately! It is thanks to that we know that the journey is not over! To all Copper Lovers, T. J."


Soon you will discover the history of the house GAILLARD in PARIS.

Through documents and all the information I have accumulated over many years.

Culinary lovers from around the world know GAILLARD through their fantastic copper pots!


June 08, 2020, to all Copper Lovers ! T.J.



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Some dates from the book :

"Les Cuivres de Cuisine, Volume 2, La Maison GAILLARD PARIS"


1795 : Creation of Maison GAILLARD.

1838 : Succession by his son.

1850 : The house number changes from 87 to 81, without moving.

1874 : Succession by his grandson.

Between 1897 and 1903 : Succession by his great-grandsons Jules and Émile GAILLARD.

1904 : Acquisition of Maison MAURETTE et ROCHE.

1908 : Company GAILLARD FRÈRES officially becomes J. and E. GAILLARD.

1914-1918 : The J. and E. GAILLARD House continued its activities during the First World War.

1918 : End date of Jules and Émile GAILLARD's partnership.

           Jules and Émile GAILLARD separate and share the business.

           Jules GAILLARD remains at 81 rue du faubourg St Denis.

           Émile GAILLARD opens his business at 28 rue du faubourg Poissonnière.

1922 : Bankruptcy of Émile GAILLARD rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, he continues elsewhere.

1931 : End of activities for Émile GAILLARD.

           Jules GAILLARD continues at 81 rue du Faubourg St Denis.

1939-1945 : Maison Jules GAILLARD continued its activities during the Second World War.

1945-1953 : Jules GAILLARD and his son manage the business together.

1954 : Jules GAILLARD's son succeeds his father.

1980 : Jules GAILLARD's grandson takes up the torch with his father, still in the company.

1992 : Definitive closure of the famous GAILLARD house in Paris

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