August 19, 2019

Some time ago, an American colleague sent me some photos asking me to appraise 2 copper pots bearing the stamp "GAILLARD PARIS".

My researches determine that these pots carry a false stamping "GAILLARD PARIS".

I have always defended that there were no fake old copper pots such as GAILLARD, JACQUOTOT, DEHILLERIN, etc ...

I realize today, and I remain on my positions, that if someone would want to manufacture stamped fake pots in large numbers, that would be of no interest. It would be too expensive and not at all profitable for whoever would do this.
He should make relatively thick pots. He should have the necessary equipment which is very expensive.
Have a supplier of handles, a tinning workshop, etc ...
It would be caught quickly because you can not find in sales a multitude of same old pots in the major historical brands.

On the other hand, I notice that someone, to the detriment of real enthusiasts and ransacking the beautiful story of ancient copper pots, plays stupidly and clumsily to stamp copper pots with a ridiculous punch that stings my eyes! This is not the manufacture of pots but only the addition of a false stamp GAILLARD PARIS on pots that already exist.

It is shameful ! If this is done intelligently with great care, I will say that this person is very clever. But here, it's so rude and so badly done, that it's impossible for someone a little attentive not to notice!


From A to Z, everything is wrong thinking and very badly done:
- The punch has several things that can be easily noticed.
First, the letter "G" has an abnormal shift that is never found in any real stamp GAILLARD.
This punch, concave shape, is actually inside a rectangle. We can see it when it is very badly struck.
- I do not know any GAILLARD punch of this type.
- This punch can be found on copper pots whose fabrications may have 100-year gaps! It's very "funny" and it shows how much the person who does this knows nothing in the field of copperware.
- The pots stamped in this way have one and the same source, they come from the person who acts dishonestly with us.
- The height of ignorance: that's when you see a copper pot already stamped with a boilermaker stamp (so a pot manufacturer and not just a reseller) and in addition you can see another stamp who is this fake stamp GAILLARD PARIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to tell the story of the copper pots is a long, very long journey. We are lucky to find pots but very little information about manufacturers.
So when I see these unacceptable actions that come to confuse the spirits, I say stop!
This shows that at a high level, this person is scornful. This person has no respect for people or history.
It seems that money is his only desire.


This is the one and only fake stamp I know. Provided that this person has not done with other manufacturers!


For the respect of our elders, our craftsmen, the history of our past, I hope there will be no others.

To all Copper Lovers, T.J.

March 20, 2020

All copper pots on this page are fake GAILLARD PARIS stamps. All the pots come from different internet shops all belonging to the same person. Some of these pots that have been sold have already been offered for resale by their buyers. Buyers/Resellers who obviously don't know these are fakes. I hope these photos will help you not to acquire fake GAILLARD PARIS stamps.