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Posted 7/27/2017

For sale Copper Oval Frying Pans 40cm-30cm-26cm. Villedieu Normandy

If you are interested, discussion opens towards negotiation! Do not hesitate to make your offers, we  are not blocked on fixed prices. Dialogue is very important for us!

I will receive these 3 Copper Oval Frying Pans in August.

These 3 Frying Pans will not be sold as pictured. They will be tinned and polished.

They will be sold separately

I have always buy but not have more informations at this moment.

PRICE : 199/149/119usd but make your offers !

Cost of shipping to USA : USD 48

Transport : express with following number

Paiement : Paypal

More informations : coming soon...



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