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Posted 7/27/2017

For sale Copper Fish Poacher French Tinned Hammered 24" 9.2Lbs Chef Cook. Item 1340

If you are interested, discussion opens towards negotiation!
Do not hesitate to make your offers, we are not blocked on fixed prices. Dialogue is very important for us!

Weight is 4.19kg (9.2Lbs).
length 62cm/24.4"
width 16.5cm/6.5"
Height 11.5cm/4.5".

PRICE USD 350. Make your offers !

 Cost of shipping to USA : USD 48

 Transport : express with following number

 Paiement : Paypal

 More informations : ask me and I post here.

Download more photos here : fish-poacher-item-1340



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