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When we want to talk about Culinary Copper Pans and Pots, one must have received a lot of models and brands.

Here for your viewing pleasure some examples of my discoveries over time.

All Photos are From My Personal Collection.
To all Copper Lovers ! T.J.

"Here Copper Pans and Pots all Stamped GAILLARD PARIS"

 "Here another lot of GAILLARD PARIS Copper Pans and Pots. Some are Stamped, other no. The interest of this type of package is that the Brand of Copper Pots can be clearly define by comparison to another Copper Pots."

""This is a lot of Fantastic Copper Pots with unusual dimensions !"

"Here another beautiful lot of Copper Pots ! Sometimes it's hard to store everything in the car!"

"The Culinary Copper are a passion that devoured much space!"

"Very much space..."

"...Very very much space!"

"And sometimes more !"

"When I was searching for this lot I unfortunately photographed a small part of the lot. Exceptional pieces with incredible dimensions!"

"A small part of my Collection."

"I planted a tree seed Copper Pan! It works!"

"I'm joking! The work of Culinary Copper Pots takes more time, work and patience!"

"You can often compare the Work of Culinary Copper Pots Weight training!"

"To be continued..."



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