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The Culinary Copper Pans and Pots Mr. MATILLON are a fine example of the work of a craftsman in his workshop!
MATILLON Catherine (daughter of Michel MATILLON) told me formerly trade was flourishing and there was a lot of work. That boiler works were numerous and that the coppersmiths were busy around Villedieu-les-Poêles!

It is with nostalgia and a huge kindness MATILLON Catherine told me about his dad. His mother was beside her to blow him some details she did not know!

3 rue Carnot 50800 Villedieu-les-Poêles
Tel: 02 33 61 01 43

The store still exists today. The shop has kept its typical shape of old as if we made a jump in the past. There are kitchen utensils in copper, stainless steel, ceramic and cast iron. You can also discover brass fixtures and decorative objects and utensils Table Art.

If today we find in shop copper cookware from  Mauviel (whose quality is well prove), in the past it was the products manufactured by MATILLON Michel, Catherine holds the store today.

MATILLON Michel was born at a time Villedieu-les-Poêles was still the great city of copper!
A time when a son was doing the same work as his father who kept himself from his father! And this
certainly for many generations.

From an early age Michel Matillon working in boiler. Brassware has no secrets for him. It would not be surprising that the line MATILLON Boilermakers goes far back in time! It is easy to imagine the expertise acquired by this artisan thanks to the advice of his former!

Matillon Michel was born in 1925, it has always been an artisan copper.

In 1959 he decided to create his own shop. For many years he made tinning, repair and manufacture of copper cookware.

He had as specialty manufacturing copper jam pans (I have already received several hands and I can tell you that they are great quality !!!!).

But he also was making all sorts of pans! As fishmongers and all other culinary copper that allow us to cook so delicious recipes!

He was also known for the quality and the work he was doing on its copper cauldrons!

Catherine Matillon confirms to me that sometimes the products were stamped, sometimes not.

The company was never a large multinational, Michel Matillon rarely worked with more than one worker. I imagine that those who have had the chance to work alongside him have learned the secrets of copper  pans and pots as we could not do it today.

Michel MATILLON was retired in 1988 and unfortunately left us in 1998.

His daughter Catherine proudly holds the store today. Feel free to visit his shop if you go to Villedieu-les-Poêles in Normandy!


I think Michel Matillon would also be proud to know that even today, around the world people use
copper pots that he made with his hands!

I know because I personally sent several articles in America, Canada and Australia!

I am sure that this presentation will be from Mr. MATILLON some memory that will not be forgotten.


I know that somewhere in the world there are users of culinary copper pots made by Mr. MATILLON and
I know they will be thinking of the craftsman that he was!

Tribute to Mr. Michel MATILLON!

T.J. France Lorraine Collection.

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