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LIEGE is one of those brands that make us realize that we still have much to discover in the world of culinary copper pots!
For me it is a great and pleasant surprise to have discovered several items in a lot!
I define this copper pans manufacturing as very professional but also very craft!
We see that they apparently manufactured all kinds of culinary copper frying pan, sauté, saucepan, stock pot, etc .. Indifferently with sleeves of cast iron or bronze or metal.

The copper used was of very good quality, very thick.

I will say that this manufacturer was a great brand! The shape of the copper pans shows a production that is specific to the mark LIEGE.

For the moment I have no more information to give you. If you have, do not hesitate to write me!

But do not forget that no one can give lessons to Belgium in the manufacture of copper pans. Those who know the history of the city of Dinant, those who have already got hold of the copper pans H. POMMIER, PETER BRUX., FALK know what I mean! I will talk about Dinant and Belgian brands in other pages ...

The craft side is particularly noticeable on the handles cast iron or metal. It shows very clearly the work of the artisan, it is very beautiful.

LIEGE is also a city in Belgium which has a great industrial past.

Already in 1600 France had to cope with the massive export boiler objects that came from other countries like Angleterre, Germany, Belgium, etc ...

LIEGE was at that time a city that exported much in France. It was at this same age that France really begin industrialization. City of Villedieu in Normandie was paramount for this french development!

I also speak to you in other pages of the society SARTEL FAYMONT. It was a copper pans manufacturer in LIEGE Province in Belgium. An interesting history but also sad and moving.

To all Copper Lovers! TJ

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