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The history of CVD VILLEDIEU Culinary Copper is directly linked to the heritage of Villedieu-les-
Poêles in Normandy.
You should know that Villedieu-les-Poêles was for a long time the capital of the bells smelters, boilermakers and coppersmiths.
Professions that were the pride of the Normandy region. Obviously, there were some natural protection trades that was found is often the same families in these copper activities. The son took up the trade of his father. Sometimes it was the husband of the girl and found a double name for the company, etc ...

Weddings and associations between these families were numerous. Throughout several centuries (the
archives allow traces found since the 1600s) we note the families PITEL, HAVARD, VIEL, MAUVIEL, MATILLON, LECELLIER, GAUTIER and much more!

I do not forget the last name COUETIL we also found in the Norman archives for centuries. I have not found COUETIL related to culinary Copper in the past but it seems that this name is related to the manufacture and trade of fabrics for mattresses.
However, COUETIL is directly related to CVD Copper Pans.

I quote the GUY DEGRENNE company which was established in 1948 in SOURDEVAL (40kms from Villedieu-les-Poêles). As CHARLES EDOUARD TAYART DE BORMS who was director of the Guy Degrenne industry sector.

I also note a few bells smelters of my dear Lorraine region departed ply their trade in Villedieu-les-Poêles in the 1700s they have been received by bells smelters of Villedieu and worked in perfect harmony!

Here you can see an example of PITEL family in the area of copper in 1936.


You can also see that we find a relationship with LECELLIER House.

Returning to the main subject of this article, the Culinary Copper Pans CVD VILLEDIEU.

My personal opinion about these Copper Pots is very positive! Manufacturing is still very neat.


Equipment very good quality worthy of the good kitchen! 

We often notice some signs that cause CVD Villedieu would not copy the classic design often found. The details of manufacture shows a style that is unique to CVD Villedieu.

Now we will take 3 names among those cited above. This is COUETIL, PITEL and TAYART DE BORMS. And
we'll see how these names are related to culinary Copper CVD Villedieu.

Start with COUETIL.

We can find in Villedieu-les-Poêles a store that is named AJM COUETIL.

It was created in 1989 and is located 2 rue Carnot in Villedieu-les-Stoves 50800.


The manager of this shop has long been Louisette PITEL. 

We find in this store many great products!

An incredible range of saucepans, frying pans and copper pots of all kinds! 

At one time you could find culinary copper CVD
Villedieu, GAOR, MAUVIEL and certainly other brands. Decorations objects are also many and varied.

As well as souvenirs! A beautiful presentation of crafts of the Normandy region!

Catherine Matillon store is not located very far on the opposite sidewalk!

Now that we know that CVD Villedieu Copper were on sale in the shop AJM COUETIL, we can expand our
investigation and we will discover that Louisette and André PITEL had various activities. Indeed, we find among these activities a very interesting company that is named MULTIFORM located in Villedieu-les-Poêles.

Louisette and André PITEL have an important position in the company, which is also linked to the company as Villedieu-les-Poêles.

Between MULTIFORM and C.I.R.E. we are not far from the manufacture of Copper Pans CVD Villedieu since among the activities of these companies include: stamping, embossing, cutting, shaping of metals!

The third name, which is linked to the MULTIFORM company, is CHARLES EDWARD TAYART DE BORMS (former industrial director at DEGRENNE GUY).

I do not think that the activities of these companies were only making copper pots. I think at industrial level are companies that had much to gain by making specific objects of numerous other activities that kitchen.

I guess the combination of AJM COUETIL shop (with PITEL family) with MULTIFORM led at one time by CHARLES EDWARD TAYART DE BORMS together with Louisette and André PITEL was a nice adventure for Culinary Arts!

All these people linked to the world of culinary Copper have allowed that even today we can use their equipment in our kitchens around the world!

Note that it is possible to find CVD Villedieu Copper Pans with a double stamp that says


If you have any information about KITCHEN INC GLAMOR, do not hesitate to write me!

At August 2015 :

- Mr. ANDRE PITEL sadly passed away late 2014.

- The company C.I.R.E. seems no longer to exist since 2010.

- MULTIFORM The company is still in business. The description of its activities might suggest they
make pans ?????

I would contact one day to ask them!

The shop AJM COUETIL unfortunately announced its final closure which is expected in mid-September

I also wish MARJORIE LEDORMEUR, current manager of AJM COUETIL and successor LOUISETTE PITEL, bouncing in his professional life.

It is important to note that each of these people have given much of themselves to the arts culinary.

A big thank you from all Copper Lovers ! T.J.

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