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As it is written in the book of Master Renard, "Qu'importe le flacon, pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse?"
In English this means, "What matters the bottle, as long as they have intoxication?"
These are the famous words Alfred de Musset.
While M. de Musset's words seem to reference intoxication by wine & spirits, wine is not the weakness of lovers of copper cookware.
Those who love copper become intoxicated by features that are often hidden beneath a century of patina.
Our hearts are captured by the underlying shine and sparkle that cannot be seen with the eyes. We do not see the years of dirt and grime
that have collected on the surface of the old pieces. We see and experience the intoxicating beauty of history, craftsmanship, gorgeous dovetails,
old stamps and wonderful imperfections!

In my opinion, the exact words of M. de Musset do not apply to lovers of culinary copper. In fact, they are somewhat reversed.

Allow me to explain...

The process of "intoxication by beautiful copper cookware" unfolds as a series of experiences. Each event is unique and separate from the other.
For example, the initial intoxication occurs when you discover a piece that most people would see fit for the dust bin.
Finding an old copper pot that was on its way to the scrap yard, is like finding gold! Lovers of culinary copper know what I mean!

The second intoxication is experienced when youth is restored to the old piece.
Cleaning, scrubbing, applying new tin and finally polishing
the beautiful copper until it sparkles like it did on the day that it was made, are all labors of love!
There is great satisfaction in knowing that you have made a culinary copper treasure ready for another century of service!


The photo below is a perfect example of what I try to explain:

The third intoxication takes place in the kitchen! There is something magical about cooking with these spectacular pieces.
The experience cannot be sufficiently described by words.
It must experienced by each person! Again, lovers of culinary copper know what I mean!

The final intoxication will be shared by friends and family, as they gather to enjoy the wonderful meal that you have prepared!
Precious memories of good food, lively conversations and time spent with loved ones will endure and be passed on for several lifetimes.
Much like these incredible pieces of copper cookware, they are a gift for future generations!

In the case culinary copper, I would say: "Qu'importe l'ivresse, pourvu qu'on ait le flacon?"
"What matters what the intoxication, as long as we have the bottle?"
A carefully and lovingly restored copper vessel is the beautiful "bottle" in which so many wonderful intoxications are born!

Master RENARD wrote: "Thierry, a collector from an early age and active merchant who now teaches European and American art of the French and Belgian craftsmen who were able to work from the Middle Ages the art of copperware and we let beautiful copper kitchens.
Sincerely, Gien April 20, 2016, JCR"

"I would say that men like Master Renard are extremely knowledgeable and they do not hesitate to offer their passions,
experiences and professionalism with those who want it. With infinite kindness and appreciation for his work, the history
and skills of the artisans of the past will never die. Master Renard is a Great Man form whom one should have huge respect!"

A huge thanks to KELLY who sometimes helps me put my English words in the right direction! And it's not an easy job! Thank you my dear friend!


To all Copper Lovers ! Regards, T.J.

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