Here you will find the Culinary Copper Pans WIGHT Kelly, a great friend and collector.
With her, you will have clear and precise descriptions of the products for sale. She is not short on details.
Both in the text as well as photos, you will find on her pages beautifully presented Culinary Copper!

Her site is deal for completing you Culinary Copper Collection or finding the object of your dreams!
You will find that many site photos FRANCE LORRAINE COLLECTION are hers!
The E. DEHILLERIN house of Paris also uses her photos on their FACEBOOK page!

Here you will find the Copper Pots of TUTTLE Virginia. The culinary Copper Pots that she sells are usually superb and very old.

You will discover on its pages tons of informations and explanations! She is recognized through her pages as a leading expert!

Here you will find the Copper Lids of Gary HEYER. We have long exchanged messages before he began to manufacture and sell his copper lids. I told him that his idea was great. After a few exchanges of technical messages he sent me the photos of his First prototypes, superb!

The Copper Pans and Pots for sale are varied. Saucepan, Sauté Pan, Stock Pots, Fish Poacher, Au Gratin, Jam Pans, Utensils, etc ... Prestigious brands and rare objects like GAILLARD PARIS, E. DEHILLERIN, COMPTOIR HOTELIER, JACQUOTOT, MAUVIEL, CHOMETTE FAVOR, MATFER BOURGEAT and many others !
By following her sales, you will learn many things through her passionate descriptions!

Her experience, travels and curiosity are the foundation of the beautiful pages that you will find on this site!

Virginia told me that she was seeking information about french kitchen ranges manufactured by LOUIS FRANCOIS DUPARQUET in Paris from 1845/1852.

So if you have informations, please feel free to contact!
His website is designed for all Copper Lovers!

Today, Gary can make for you any lid that you desire!  It is not uncommon to find sets of copper pots & pans that do not have lids. It is also very common to find Copper Pans with rare and unique diameters. For example, 14.7cm, 24.3cm, 32.5cm, etc ...

Gary is the man for the job! He is the one who can make for you copper lids in all sizes and dimensions, lids that you can find no where else!

Gary's experience is not limited to fabricating beautiful lids.  He also offers the service of expertly tinning of all your culinary copper!  He can re-tin your Saucepans, Au Gratin Pans, Casseroles, Stock Pots, Roasting Pans etc .... Do not hesitate to contact Gary for all of your lids and tinning needs!